Custom home building.
Not just a place to live—a place to call home.

You’re Welcome Here

Let’s Craft Dreams Together

Charter's president said, ‘If you ever have a problem, don’t hesitate to give me a call.'

Building a private residence is an act of trust. It requires a collaborative builder who’s always available. That’s why when our owner handed Lynn his business card, he wrote his personal cell phone number on the back. So began the journey of building a dream home for Lynn and her partner: a house that would float off the hillside.

6,500 sf + 12 months = 100% success

The challenge: Build a stunning, expansive home overlooking the shores of Lake Washington… in one year. Challenge accepted.

The result? An energy-efficient home with a pool, multiple water features, and a delighted client.

The flood was devastating. Our silver lining was finding Charter.

The cost of replacing the stone in Shay’s custom home after it flooded would’ve been massive. So much, in fact, that there was talk of a complete tear-down. But because we were able to save the stone, we could save the whole home and repair all the water damage. What’s the end of this story? Spoiler alert: it’s happy.

Doing right is who we are

We’re custom-home builders who’ve been around a while. Nearly 40 years, in fact. Long enough to have learned a thing or two.

We’re perfectionists. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. The first time.

Integrity is our bedrock. Honest, clear communication is our cornerstone.

We’re fixers. And artisans. And dreamers—like you. And doing right—going above and beyond—is just who we are.