We wanted to make sure it was built right the first time.

Lynn remembers the first meeting clearly: There was instant rapport and a sense of being cared for by builders she and her partner could trust. When Charter’s president handed her his business card with his personal cell phone number on the back and said, “If anything ever comes up, don’t hesitate to give me a call,” she just knew. Charter was the right company to make their dream home come true.

Lynn’s idea for their home was simple enough: “I had this idea of it sort of floating off the hillside.” A lofty goal, and one we were happy to tackle.

She knew there were challenges: a narrow lot and new neighbors she didn’t want to inconvenience before the two even moved in. But Eric put her mind at ease. Charter helped coordinate a meeting with their neighbors, giving them the chance to voice any concerns, and gave them all a number to call 24/7 if problems came up. And it worked. “The neighbors had no complaints throughout the process,” says Lynn. “We were surprised and thrilled with that.”

The entire project was smooth and easy. “The builders worked very well together,” she says. “They gave us a comprehensive proposal, and they stuck within the budget. They were very, very proactive.”

We finished their new home with meticulous attention to detail. A floating home built on level expectations equals a job well done.

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