There was a question of tearing the house down, because the cost of the stone would be gigantic.

What would you do if your home flooded? More importantly, how would you feel?

Shay and her family felt it all: frustration, despair, helplessness. Not only did the floodwater ruin their furniture, finishes, and belongings, it infiltrated their walls, potentially damaging their home’s interior and structural components beyond reasonable repair. Interior-wall water damage on a typical home is one thing. Water damage inside a custom home clad with polished stone finishes? Risking repairs approaching the cost of a total tear-down, this is damage of an entirely greater magnitude.

Having worked with us to build their custom home, Shay immediately called Charter.

Our team was “able to save all the stone in our master bathroom,” she says. “Luckily, they did. There was a question of tearing the house down because the cost of the stone would be gigantic.”

We worked on Shay’s home as carefully and respectfully as our own. Renovating walls and stone floor, repairing flood damage beneath the cladding, cleaning and polishing the finishes—we remediated it all. Not only saving the stone but saving the whole house in the process.

“Everything that was a wall or finish was redone,” Shay says. “In the end, the house was absolutely put back better than it ever was. The experience was amazing.”

We delivered the kind of work we would want had our own home flooded. Above and beyond.