6,500 square feet. 800 cubic yards of architectural concrete. 12 months. No problem.

A steep slope overlooking the western shore of Lake Washington in Seattle’s Windermere neighborhood. A year to build an expansive, energy-efficient home with 14’ ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, exposed raw steel, a pool, and a tricky irrigation system. That’s where this story begins.

First, the hillside. We’re no strangers to a daunting slope thanks to years of building in the Pacific Northwest. So challenge number one was manageable.

Next, we needed to integrate a geothermal heating system into the irrigation system, feed the water features, and create a way to auto-fill the pool. Technically, no easy task. But we solved it with two 700’-deep wells that connected to a cistern holding tank.

Finally, workflow. If we were going to get this project done in a year, we needed to smoothly orchestrate a high volume of onsite work with calm, professional precision. Meticulous planning and detailed logistics kept everything running safely and efficiently despite a daily flow of construction equipment, materials deliveries, and an average of 45 workers onsite at any given time.

By the end, we’d built a stunning, expansive home overlooking Lake Washington. Redolent of mountains and water—of the region’s exposed rock and placid temperate rainforests—the new home reflects so many of the reasons we call Seattle home. Outside, a pool, space, and three expansive water features connect the living spaces to the surroundings. A 4,500 SF red fescue green roof regulates the home’s temperature, and a solar hot water heat system provides up to 60% of its domestic hot water and pool needs.

We’re so proud to have helped our clients build their dream home on a fast-paced schedule. They love it, and we loved doing it.