Symphonies begin with one note; fires with one flame; gardens with one flower; and masterpieces with one stroke.

The goal: create a new home with an old soul, not an easy task, but that’s just what we did. The owners were intrigued by traditional Irish country houses, farms, and estates; historic properties built 300 years ago, homes like Bantry House and Castle Coole. Turtle Cove is so breathtaking, that any person who lays their eyes on her will be overcome with a song in their heart.

This country style home sits on the banks of Lake Washington, just waiting for the Barcarolle to play. The outside cast-in-place stone walls glimmer in the sun along with the custom wood doors and windows, which perfectly reflect the skilled craftsmanship of CCH.

Inside the home, the details melodiously unfold into a symphony of sights. French oak flooring and a custom, cast in place spiral staircase with Portuguese limestone ring through the house. The ending cadence resolves with beautiful custom millwork and finish carpentry throughout.

Once you think this home has revealed all it can, more is always around the corner. In the back, on the water, exists a cabana with a meandering English garden, which harmonizes with the outdoor shower, three fireplaces, spa, and pool.

Though the home has an old-world flair, there’s always room for contemporary touches such as geothermal heating and cooling systems and photovoltaic systems to supplement energy usage.

A true masterpiece. It’s only with the help of our master craftsman that it could come to life, a magnum opus of Seattle architecture.