When approaching a custom home project, it is essential for us to meet or exceed the expectations of our discriminating customers. Custom homes by their very existence are technical. Each project is unique and contains many “one-off” creative project components that Charter constructs with care and expert craftsmanship. The goal with these “one-off” projects is to translate from the paper written on by an architect to the refined, well-integrated result that fits with all the rest of the components of the home.

To meet these high standards, set by Charter and required by our clients, we have been privileged to retain some very skilled craftsmen. Although I could comment on many members of our team, the one who comes to mind is a person nicknamed “Buba.”

Buba is a Louisiana transplant with a history of building custom cabinets and millwork for individual clients in the Southeast. From these roots, he eventually moved out west and found Charter more than two decades ago. With his masterful skill-set, Buba has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to install unique cabinets, hand railings, custom doors, and a variety of other fixtures in a manner that displays true “old-world” craftsmanship. I have seen Bubba hand cut and shape handrails from a block of wood in order for the seamless transition from new to existing older railing. You absolutely cannot tell where the old section ends and the new part begins.

This level of skill takes time and requires artistic innovation; our clients benefit because Buba brings his eye and ability to produce excellence to everything he does. Not only is Buba a true craftsman, he is a true teacher. He often works with younger carpenters, helping to mentor them with skills he has mastered. Doing so allows the young carpenter to grow in their skills and ability through both observations and by gaining their own tutored experience.

There are numerous other extremely capable carpenters and craftsman on our Custom Home team. With each of them, and as with the entire team, our goal is to meet or exceed every expectation set by our clients and their architectural advisors. It is indeed a privilege to partner with such capable people.

Thanks, John, for your valuable insight and years of partnership and commitment to the Charter team! Your experience and wisdom are an asset to all of us and to those we serve.

Charter Construction has done Remediation, Repairs, new Commercial Construction and built custom homes for 34 years. As always, if you have any questions regarding your home or building, our seasoned team of professionals is prepared to assist you with your construction needs.

Please contact our Team at 206-382-1900 in Seattle or 503-546-2600 in Portland.

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