A new custom home without ever leaving home

Our task: Double the square footage of a lakeside home built in the ‘60s while the owners live downstairs. Challenge accepted.

This remodel project was ambitious. The Park View residence expanded its living space to over 9,400 sq. ft., added a third floor, and got a major upgrade to its interior and exterior finishes.

In order to minimize disruptions to the homeowners, we took extraordinary measures to meticulously plan and coordinate all aspects of the home’s construction.

First, we built a steel frame to encapsulate the existing structure and provide a safe place for our crew to work and the homeowners to come and go. And just like that, we built the third story to the top of the home, safely and smoothly.

Thanks to our years of experience, the homeowners were able to get a new custom home without ever needing to leave it. Because anything worth doing is worth doing right.