Studies in post & beam, handwork, and joinery.

When a craftsman is charged with hand-joining the entirety of a framed home, the result is nothing less than artistry.

Sun-drenched and surrounded by lush vegetation, great care was taken to use materials native to the Pacific Northwest. The modernity of this home is matched with a Pacific Northwest feel, and a hint of Japanese flair. Exacting details were made by our skilled team, which used old-world techniques rarely seen today: a woodworker’s dream project.

The combination of cast-in-place concrete walls with a post-and-beam timber frame is warm and inviting. The outside landscape integrates into the overall architecture, flowing effortlessly from the terrace garden into the rich madrona wood-floored living room.

The landscape was integrated into the design of the home late into the process. Though a challenge, the CCH team used a crane to fly the mature trees over the roof and set firmly in place.

Wood details, such as mortise and tenon, half-laps, dovetails, and finger-joints are of significant importance, but one can’t miss the Wilkinson stone from a quarry nearby Mount Rainier. As a result, it creates beautiful walkways and an outside fireplace, which stands lookout as a stone guardian.

Softening the stone, and working in harmony with the flora, water connects the building elements to the rainy Seattle weather. It further reminds us of the Pacific Northwest bounty, which is so richly enjoyed by all who live and visit this home.